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How Do I Refer A Patient To See Dr Kent?

We accept referrals through a number of methods:

1. Give the referral to the patient and have them call (02) 4911 2303 during business hours (9:00 - 5:00 Monday to Friday) to make an appointment. 

2. Fax to (02) 4006 3081 stating the condition and urgency of the referral. 

3. Secure messaging via Medical Objects

4. Email to

Who Will Dr Kent See in His Rooms?

Dr Kent sees all patients in his rooms. This includes privately insured, uninsured, DVA, CTP, and Workcover patients.

Unfortunately Dr Kent does not treat pathology of the hand or spinal conditions.

I'd Like To Talk To Dr Kent Regarding a Patient?

Dr Kent is happy to be contacted by General Practioners, Emergency Physicians, Physiotherapists or other health professionals seeking to refer a patient or simply get some orthopaedic advice. Please contact the rooms on (02) 4911 2303 and Dr Kent will seek to get back to you as quickly as possible.

I'd Like to Meet Dr Kent in Person?

Dr Kent seeks to provide a collaborative approach to healthcare. If any healthcare provider would like to meet Dr Kent, please contact the rooms on (02) 4911 2303 and we will arrange a subsequent meeting at a convenient time and location. 

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